enma holding

Was created as a subsidiary of the Swiss group enma holding, founded by the Swiss-Italian entrepreneur Enrico Meneghetti in 2007, which to date has managed the financial and real-estate development investments amounted EUR 1.2 b.
In 2015 the overall balance of the consolidated real estate portfolio of enma holding NAV was 125 m euro.
enma holding company is a financial holding and investment company operating in the Switzerland, Italian and pan-European market in the hotellerie luxury residential premium segment.
The investment strategy adopted by enma holding company for acquisition of assets and | or existing property complexes and making use of them by developing interventions. enma holding, as regards the investments in real estate assets, employs enma investment, the operating group and specialized in the following activities:
research | scouting
Technical and financial analysis | prefacibility study planning | Schedule
management | project management
development | general contractor



enma investment

whose team consists of experienced professionals and consultants in the finance and property sectors that make possible a precise and complete analysis and investment planning as well as the planning, coordination and supervision of the investment.
enma investment, thanks to the cooperation and partnership with the major banks and with the most solid asset and capital management company is able to provide guarantees in terms of success and financial viability of the investment.
The careful evaluation of the risks, the meticulous planning, constant monitoring of the achievement of objectives, coordination and supervision of investment always identify the modus operandi with which it is faced every real estate transaction.