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Schio | Italy


Schio | Italy
The hotel complex is situated on the edge of Vicenza, near the industrial area. The project involves the construction of more artifacts: a 15-storey building is divided into hotel | residence and headquarters; a multifunctional complex with a gym, fitness center, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, medical center, bank and finance, exhibition space with adjoining conference room and a residence for the elderly in forty-seven units.

With regard to the multi-storey building of the hotel, the most significant and most visible project is located on the lower right edge of the area, rotated with respect to the road in order to give the rooms a view of the Dolomites.

The multifunctional complex favors the orographic terrain and consists of a building plate, illuminated by patios and light wells and a residence for the elderly developed as a carpet of individual units to a single plan, merged to form the courts or indoor gardens.
48 M

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