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Splendide Royal Hotel & Résidences

Lugano | Switzerland

Splendide Royal Hotel & Résidences

Lugano | Switzerland
The birth of the Historic hotel Splendide Royal is linked to the opening of the gotthard railway line, which since 1882 connects the north and south of the european continent through the alps since the nineteenth century.

The aim of the intervention is a general improvement of all the hotel facilities as well as the restoration of the ancient building, through the development of new services and attractions.
152 M
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The hotel occupies a position of importance neuralgic and large flows of people, creating a resting place and meeting in a beautiful landscape.

During the twentieth century the property acquired great international reputation and is often chosen as a place of residence by royal families and distinguished guests from the worlds of politics and culture.
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The project foreseens an important connection and distribution lobby situated at the new base level, where all the leisure and services activities are placed.

The base level hosts the drop-off area and the main reception, as well as an important wellness & spa area, with gym, saunas and a internal | external pool oriented through the lake, with a beautiful sight on the landscape.
The lobby is directly connected with the ground floor of the ancient building where we can found the salons with the painted ceiling. These spaces host the conversation hall, the restaurant and the bar and is directly connected with the terrace in front of the lake. At the upper floors there found 48 suites.

The main base also hosts the stairs and elevators of the two new 6-storey hotel towers, comprehensive of conference and meeting halls, plus 5 floors of additional rooms.

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