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We create shared value by developing profitable strategies that offer tangible social benefits

ENMA Capital investment strength is in identify, transform and realize the potentials of premium assets to create a rooted and shared value for all the investment stakeholders

REMOVING ANTIQUATED OPERATORS Restructuring operational infrastructures, reducing dependency on General Managers (GMs) that often lack asset management expertise. Severe lack of operator accountability and alignment with investors hindering profit maximization. Traditional operating models only focus on Room Revenues and old metrics such as ADR, Occupancies, RevPAR etc. Existing operating platforms are in no position to turnaround assets and owners have little-to-no experience in doing so.

Moving away from the single metric hotel performance model. Integrate a new operational model through reorganization of the value chain. Reorganizing underutilized hotel space to boost auxiliary revenue streams. Industrial consolidation and F&B turnarounds from lossmaking to profitmaking. Exploring and boosting ancillary profit streams (F&B, Membership, Events, Advertisement etc.) to hedge against single-use market exposure.
With self-care and well-being becoming increasingly high-profile topics, the demand for medical services in the hospitality and tourism sectors is growing.
The desire for real results through physiotherapy, low impact medical and beauty procedures will become more prevalent.
Target Marker
Enma Capital has taken a highly systemic approach in identifying markets with high local and regional spending power – allowing for maximum value enhancement and immediate value add.
The genesis of the particular investment prospects involves a level of complexity, that limits the buying pool for the mega funds. It includes small portfolio asset owners are not in the right position nor possess the right skillset to turnaround their assets.