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Hotel P7 London

London | England

Hotel P7 London

London | England
ENMA oversaw the entire project:
• advisory
• analysis
• acquisition
• planning
• developing and
• and sale to final customers

Conversion of a historic hotel into a luxury residential complex 18 luxury app +3 villas (2 with private pool).
Investments Financial Numbers
Cost GBP 24.5m (A) + GBP 70 m (C) = GBP 94.5m
Exit Value GBP 161.2m
Realised gain GBP 66.7m
IRR (sponsor) 32.1%
Multiple of investment (sponsor) 3.60x
IRR (investors) 18.2%
Multiple of investment (investors) 2.30x
Timing 3y 1y (1 year required for approved project and building permits)
Status Completed 2017 - 2020

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